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Wellness | Dreaming Rainbows

It took a lot of effort and coaxing from my friends to finally took a dip and dive in a spa.  I have always said it was time for this old bloke to the have a massage but always postpones it.  I have yet to experience the fullness of a massage given by a spa.  Massage for me was the usual "hilot" or reflexologists during my early years.  I only have them when something ails my body.  This time around I just want to feel how relaxing a massage really is.

For this great leap of faith, we tried out the couple's massage at the Rainbow Dream Spa along Lacson Avenue.  A great place wherein they have ample parking in front.  Going up the stairs on the side of the building to the second floor, their entrance is situated at a corner assuring one of privacy and solitude.

Going in, we were greeted warmly by their staff and immediately attended to.  First up was a foot bath.  For a couple of minutes, staff dipped our feet at the sink located on the floor.  Applied some soap and gently massaged our feet for a few minutes.  Slippers are provided and you are guided to your massage room.

I was asked to take off my clothes and don a bath towel.  This was new for me so I was a bit squeamish at first.  Never did I undressed for my "hilot" sessions LOL.  Since I was with my wife, she assured me that everything is fine.  She had a number of spa sessions before me so she allayed my fears and laid on the massage mat.

The therapist asked then what kind of massage I want to try. Since I'm a newbie, I chose the tri massage or combo or what you call it.  It was a mix of Thai and Swedish. I don't know what they were so hell I had to try them all.

The therapist's hands were fluid and purposeful.  Almost the same with my "hilot's" before but was so much different in the way it was done.  From my back, the massage went down to my legs and feet.  Then she was into my arms and chest and finally on my head.  All this process she went through while I was chatting with them.  Usual clients they say are quiet but not me.  I was still observing the whole massage thing and my mind was going 100 kilometers an hour.  I was told to relax but I was fighting it.  It was only in the last fifteen minutes that I finally did try to relax.  

The last fifteen minutes was heavenly.  My mind was wandering off while the therapist's hands were working my body.  Slowly I was being lulled into relaxation when  our time was up.  As our therapists left us, we were allowed for a few minutes to get back to our senses and get into our clothes.

I was relaxed going out of the rooms and my mind cleared up a bit.  Our session was over and I was glad I did it.  Going home then was bliss and sleeping that night was a sensation.  I never believe before how a massage would be so beneficial, for this this time, for this night's sleep, I was dreaming of rainbows.  Can't wait to go back for  more massages in the future.

By the way, aside from massages, Rainbow Dream Spa also offers other services like hair removals, nail care, facials, slimming and other salon services.  They have two branches and their main one is located at Grand Residences España 2, A.H. Lacson Avenue, Manila, Philippines.  They are open for 24 hours so you can come at anytime of day when you feel like it.

For more about their services, you may hook with them at their facebook presence here.