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About Town | Big Toys at the Big Bike Expo 2018

Two huge expos merged into one is what the Big Bike Expo 2018 was all about.  Nevertheless it was a successful event that had the motorcycling community raving about it for days.  A friend of mine went to this and he was like fanboy with me.

In here we saw motor bikes in all shapes and sizes.  We have seen a lot of car shows lately and what sets this one apart is the fact that big bikes were the main attractions, thus the name of the expo.  Not only big bikes were here, mostly were customized ones.  The customized bike were the star of the show.  I love these customized ones as they are really really out of these world.  Loved the way these things are crafted, truly you can see the art in them.

Can't wait to see next year's big bike expo.