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About Town | Winners of Brighter World Builder Challenge

Sun Life Financial - Philippines Foundation, Inc. (Sun Life Foundation), in partnership with The Spark Project, recently announced the winners of its Brighter World Builder Challenge.  The program was launched to search for, fund, and accelerate financial literacy initiatives, in celebration of Sun Life Foundation's 10th anniversary.

Out of the total of 49 applications, 20 entries were chosen to undergo a Social Impact Boot Camp spearheaded by The Spark Project where applicants were given pointers on how to prepare for their final pitch, which they presented to a distinguished panel of judges.

From the final pitch, 10 lucky winners were selected;

1)  Bin Stalk 
2)  Budget Squad Manila
3)  EmpoWomen PH
4)  FLOW Inc.
5)  Kids Who Save (KHuSA)
6)  Young Savers Experiential Learning to Financial Literacy
7)  Change for a Life
8)  Childen of Sugar Cane Farmers in Bacolod
9)  COINscious JUAN
10)  Pitaka Ko

The top 10 winners will receive a Php100,000 grant that they can use in the implementation of their projects and programs as well as crowdfunding support from The Spark Project.

"One of the core pillars of Sun Life Foundation is education, and the Brighter World Builder Challenge was launched because we wanted to give recognition to individuals and groups who have programs in place that teach Filipinos about the importance of financial literacy,"  said Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life Foundation.

"Our 10 winners have indeed shown that is through creativity and innovation that we are able to encourage Filipinos to be more financial savvy and to become more financially secrure." he added.


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