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About Town | What Stories You Have About Pasig River

Pasig River has been an important part of life for the people living along its river banks. This is the reason why the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) invites the public to share how the river impacted their everyday lives. PRRC needs to know the stories to inspire them and the public to revive the ailing Pasig River.

Stories can be submitted to PRRC via and those chosen will be posted on the website -

"We need to share these unique stories to let the public know how we value the Pasig River," Goitia added. The Commission likewise is determined to revive Pasig River back to it former glory.
As a testament to the revival efforts, PRRC Rivers Warriors likewise were able to collect 21 million kilos of solid waste from the river. Meaning mechanisms to counter act "esterorism" along the river and waterways are working towards the cleaning of Pasig River.
With this success, according to Goitia, the public has been given hope in the survivability of the Pasig River. Thanks to PRRC's efforts and determination, 17 priority tributaries had been identified and has been converted into environmental preservation areas. "The Pasig River was once biologically dead but now the river has gradually backed to life," Goitia added.
In addition, "You are not only helping us but the generations to come, they will realize that Pasig River is a dream that will become a reality," said Goitia.

Goitia then urges the public to cooperate and help the government on its continuing efforts in the rehabilitation of the Pasig River. Great strides have been achieved and they want the public to help continue the success towards a cleaner Pasig River.

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