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Dining | Ramen Less Than Php150 at Kanojo Dansei

As the title implies, yes, the ramen here are below Php150.  Kanojo Dansei is located at the main avenue of Pacita Complex in San Pedro, Laguna.  Ambience is nice for their customers they have a number of ramen available based on a tonkotsu broth of pork bones.  Broth is authentically Japanese as they boil pork bones hours on end.  Now let's try how japanesy they can really get.

For our visit we focused more on their Tempura Miso Ramen at Php129 and their gyoza for Php49.

Now how about their service?  The restaurant is an airy open type of set up and they do have servers.  So simply sit down and wait for them to bring you the menu.  We went here late afternoon so people were trickling in already.  It maybe a while for the servers to attend to you with the people there so be patient, you will be served.  The supervisor was attentive and courteous, the girl server was not equal to him in terms of service, but she was adequate.

My ramen took a while to be served I surmised I waited for 8-10 minutes.  While waiting my gyoza arrived earlier.  For the price of Php49, I had 4 gyozas.  Cute gyozas as they were so small in size thus cute.  Serving wise, the gyozas were fine for its price.  As for my ramen, for Php129, I was surprised I had two pieces of tempura.  That was a plus for me.  The ramen noodles were not as many as I hoped them to be.  

Now as far as taste go, will it surpass the prices given?  Starting with the gyoza, yes it does taste like Php49.  I was expecting the gyoza wrapping to be soft and gooey, but it was rubbery for me.  As far as the filling, it had a lot of vegetables in them.  I know there should be a taste of pork or meat in them but my order I didn't notice it.  Dipping the gyoza in the accompanying sauce or Ponzu (or soy sauce) didn't help either.  I wish next time they would improve more on the gyoza.  I would rather pay Php100 if they will just improve on the ingredients.  I love gyoza along with ramen.

Now ramen wise, we already mentioned the inadequacy of the noodles earlier.  The noodles were like the instant ramen noodles I buy off the supermarket.  Can't blame them as my ramen order is priced Php129 only.  I can't expect more and that's my fault.  The noodles were soggy and soft and this was 5050 for me.  Sometimes noodles being soggy is a plus in some ramen I have tasted but this time however it wasn't.  It had to be paired correctly with the broth and other ingredients in them.  I love tonkotsu broth if done properly and after interviewing the supervisor, I knew they were doing it correctly.  Boiling the pork bones for long hours, the collagen would seep out creating a milky broth substance that is truly fantastic.  Somehow other ingredients they placed in my ramen didn't came out right.  I told the supervisor (or owner) about it and I don't know if they will tweak it soon.

In spite of what I wrote here, I can commend the taste of their tempura.  The broth really blended well with their tempura.  But when you taste the broth or noodles only, something's fishy.  Take the tempura alone, it's great I tell you.

While I was doing this article also, I remembered, where was my egg?  Was the egg served if I ordered the overload (Php149)?  I forgot about the egg as I was enamoured with the tempura.  Sadly I did not finish my ramen. As I said earlier, the noodles with the broth somehow there was something in them that I didn't like.  I do hope that when I go back to try out their other ramen dishes, it would yield a better dining experience.

Now as to the price, Php49 gyoza was just right I guess but I would like to reiterate, INCREASE the price to Php100 and IMPROVE on ingredients and serving size.  To the Php129 Special Tempura Miso Ramen price.  The price is just right, just tweak the ingredients and taste more.  Add more noodles and where's the egg?

What will make me come back to this place is their ambience and their tempura.  I will maybe hope that by next time, they improve more on their ramen,  it's not far though.  Almost there, but not quite there for me yet.  But for a quick ramen fix, this might be up your alley so I suggest for you to dropby and check them out.

They can be found in facebook here.