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About Town | Sweet Escape 2018 - An Awareness To Fight Diabetes

Finally an event creating an awareness to fight Diabetes is upon us.  DiabetEASE Magazine’s advocacy event Sweet Escape held its second leg of tour this year at the Activity Center of Starmall, Alabang to spread awareness to the this disease.

Diabetes remains as a global risk with 422 million people affected worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the diabetes prevalence has been rapidly increasing, especially in middle- and low- income countries.

The Philippines is among the countries with the highest diabetes prevalence. In fact, it has been considered as one of the 'diabetes hotspots' in the Western Pacific Region, ranking fifth in the number of diabetics.

When the Philippine population was only 65 million, there were already 3.9 million diabetic Filipinos. Now that the current population has risen up to 100 million, local experts estimate that the diabetes morbidity among Filipinos has also increased to more than 5 million.

While a cure for diabetes remains elusive to date, treatment, facilitated by healthy lifestyle, has been proven to have a significant effect in making a diabetes patient's life comfortable.

Sweet Escape in Manila 
Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions (FAME) Inc., publisher of DiabetEASE Magazine, recognizes the important role healthy lifestyle plays in the management of diabetes. That's why five years ago, it has embarked on an activity that would change the way Filipino diabetics live—the Sweet Escape.

Sweet Escape is a yearly advocacy event which is geared towards promoting awareness on diabetes and encouraging patients to live an active and well-managed lifestyle even with diabetes. For five consecutive years, the event has paved the way for patients and their family members in Metro Manila to experience a whole day of fun-filled activities that do not only entertain but also educate.

This year, FAME Inc., aims to establish stronger bridges to reach more Filipinos dealing with diabetes.

This huge step is a new milestone reached for FAME Inc., and it had prepared an even wider range of anticipating activities just for its participants. It successfully launched its first leg in Mandaue City, Cebu last April. It’s Davao City leg is scheduled on the latter part of this year.

The Father of Philippine Endocrinology Dr. Augusto D. Litonjua talked about the state of diabetes prevalence in the Philippines.

He said that despite having a lot of medicines against diabetes, more and more people are still at risk of having the disease.

The endocrinologist added that it is high time to change the strategy of fighting the disease. “Instead of focusing on treatment, probably we should concentrate on the prevention,” he said.

As what he always says, one must keep in mind that diabetes main culprit are the three Ks—Katamaran (Laziness), Katakawan (Glutonny), and Katabaan (Obesity).

“Diabetes mellitus is now what we call as the epidemic of modern civilization. Be aware of what diabetes is, be empowered to know how to prevent it, and then together we can beat diabetes,” he said.

Also in the event was DiabetEASE Magazine’s editor-in-chief and endocrinologist Dr. Joy Arabelle Fontanilla, who delivered key points about the magazine’s advocacy as well as latest updates on diabetes management and prevention.

She clarified that it is not an alternative to consultation or to doctors or dietician as it only gives guidance in prevention and management of the disease.
Dr. Fontanilla also reminded the public to seek for consultation if there are occurring symptoms of the disease such as obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, and if they have relatives with diabetes.

Meanwhile, Dr. Aurora Macaballug, Board Member of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism discussed about the importance of physical fitness in the fight against diabetes.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 31 percent of the global population aging 15 years old and up are inactive. In 2008, it was also reported that there were 3.2 Million deaths each year is associated with physical inactivity.

Dr. Macaballug said that in the Philippines, 1 out 5 is overweight while 3 out 10 are obese, which are the leading effects of lack of exercise.

“Physical inactivity is a global problem,” she said, adding that deciding to shift into a healthier lifestyle is the key to prevent impending diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer.

She said, “Exercise boosts HDL or “good” cholesterol and decreases the bad, which we call triglyceride. It also prevents stroke, metabolic syndrome, tyoe 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis and falls.”

Dr. Macaballug added that to lower the risks of these diseases, one must have at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise.

Meanwhile, partners shared their insights on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle through their brands.


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