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Health | Biking the San Pedro Daang Hari Alabang Loop

Never knew that there was another way going to Daang Hari from San Pedro.  If you are like me, a driver, I would usually take it from Alabang.  Now that's there is the MCX or Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway, this is how I would go.  With my bike, I found a new way via Vista Alabang route.

From Jollibee junction at Magsaysay Road, boundary between San Pedro and Muntinlupa, one must traverse the uphill climb from Puregold San Pedro.  I dread climbs thus I keep on stalling my revenge bike ride to Tagaytay.  With this loop however I was determined to do this as my training towards that revenge ride.

Glad that I made my 9 speed upgrade already so technically my bike is 3x9 now and with my cogs using 11-42 set of teeth.  Making the uphill climb a bit easier. I thank Emil Lacson of Emil's Bike Stuff with helping me upgrade.

Now after that uphill climb, a sense of accomplishment will welcome you at the roundabout where a big Vista Alabang sign is seen.  This means no more climbs and everything else is flat and downhill of sorts.  This is the road leading to Palazzio Verde all the way to the new mall along Daang Hari, Evia Lifestyle Mall.

After that loooooonnng bike ride I had to make a quick stop at the Petron Station there.  They have a small San Mig Avenue store there so I was able to buy some bread and cola as my energy replacement.  There were not much people at the station so I had the whole patio to myself and my bike.

After a quick break, we rode on.  Traversing the rest of the Daan Hari all towards Alabang.  One must be careful at driving thru Daang Hari as motorists really drive fast.  In some parts they drive slow because speed bumps (thank god for these).

Passing by Alabang Town Center is a breeze since its a downhill ride from Daang Hari.  A short uphill climb and you will be in Filinvest.  I like it here as they have designated biking lanes which is a plus for us bikers in terms of safety.

Going back to San Pedro means we will leave the safety confines of Filinvest ontowards Alabang along the national highway.  A road way thats teeming with buses and jeepneys and people who disregard the pedestrian overpass and simply cross the busy roads.  Thanks for some traffic, motorists are slow in their driving.  Thank you traffic.

Except for the jeepneys, going the long straight stretch of the national highway is a breeze.  Biking really is a big advantage especially this is part of the muntinlupa.  Bikes can weave through slow and non moving traffic.  You just have to watch out for pedestrians who use the road like its a sidewalk.

To recap my bike loop.  Google maps say I rode almost 23 kilometers.  Actually I rode a bit more since I started to record my bike ride from Jollibee.  My residence is still 2 kilometers far so technically it was 27 kilometers.  A ride that's equal to that from San Pedro to Calamba City one way.

This loop is a great conditioning ride for me as it had uphill climbs 1/3 of way and long flat roads.  Great practice run for my goal of reaching Tagaytay easily.  Of course I won't stop there, my ultimate goal is make either a Batangas Loop or Laguna Loop within the year.  Wish me luck.