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About Town | Two Competitions for Baristas Showcases Filipino Talents

Philippine preferred coffee solutions provider, Allegro Beverage Corporation, in partnership with LNA Management Group, spearheads the longest running Barista competition in the country, 12th Philippine Grand Barista Cup and the 5th Latte Art Throwdown will be held on the 14th of September and 13th same month respectively.  Both competitions were done in conjunction with the Asia Food Expo (AFEX) at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila.

Both events would like to promote excellence and recognition of the barista as a profession.  Likewise it prays increase of appreciation for specialty coffee, pushing for Philippine Arabica beans, and raising the bar for Filipino baristas, by competing in world championships.  We, the Filipinos reached the ranking of 13th place out of 60 countries, and this has been our highest ranking to date at the World Barista Championships.

Major partners for both events are EXPOBAR, the PGBC Official Espresso Machine from Spain, MOAK Special Bar, PGBC Official Coffee Beans from Italy, Routin 1883 and Fruiss, the PGBC Official Gourmet Syrups from France, Nuova Simonelli, the PGBC Official Espresso Coffee Bean Grinder from Italy and Franke fully automatic machines from Switzerland.

To push the participants to their best, on hand to judge the events, the organizers spared no expense just to bring in Coffee experts from Italy, Sweden, Singapore and Spain.  To spruce them with local judges, Head Judge Ernie Mesina will lead the whole bunch of judges.