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Travel PH | Travel the Philippines and Meet Friends - The Philippine Travel Mart

When one travels, one will get to find old and new friends alike.  Thus in Katooga.PH, we encourage one to travel and see what the Philippines has to offer.

During this time of the year, the Philippine Travel Operators Associatoin (PhilTOA), organizes the best travel event dubbed, The Philippine Travel Mart.  It's members came to the SMX last month end and sold trips and tours at lowest prices.  Participants are awash with offers that one will have lots of options with their future vacation plans.

During our visit, we got to see old friends from our previous trips last year.  Puerto Galera tourism was in full swing offering great diving trips and our friends from Camarines Norte gave a taste of what the province had to offer, and a visayas folks reminded me of their great tasting seafood products.  Somewhere up north, we reminisce our experiences in Ilocos, Baguio and Zambales.  In these places, we got to find new friends in the Philippine Travel Mart, sparking new interests in travelling to new tourist destinations in these places.

Going south, Sulu and the Mindanao are well represented in the expo and pique our interest as well.  Hope to plan more trips to these places next year.

Overshadowed by local trips, ticket and tours international are likewise were offered during the event.  People who favor going abroad likewise gets their fill at the Philippine Travel Mart.  South Korea seems like a good place to start as we saw a lot of inquiries at the event.

Be it beaches, mountains or simply relaxation, Philippine Travel Mart continues to offer great travel options to its visitors thus they are considered the best in what they do.  The event is done for now, travellers got their travel plans laid out for less, tour operators will get their hands full in the coming months.  Philippine Tourism benefits from this and showcases the beauty of our country even more.