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Dining | Chin's - Is this a New Food Brand?

Working around in the city, we have seen in various food courts the name Chin's Empress.  It's a fusion type of Chinese cuisine that offers good food in a mall.  The brand is one that I cherish being an avid chinese cuisine fanatic.  After a few years since then, I have to see a Chin's Empress around.  Nowadays, I find this brand, Chin's.  Is this the same one with a shortened brand name?  Anyway, I guess they are the same restaurant with a different branding.

Now being a food fanatic, I considered this a new restaurant and proceeded to try them out.  The location of this restaurant is in Festival Mall and I immediately  queued up to order.  All food on the counter looked yummy but since we like to try out their budget meals, we decided to try out their Chow Fan Beef for Php89.

Chow Fan Beef with Chin's is not a ready cooked meal, so if you order this, they will prepare it in front of you.  Nice personal touch there.  You will see induction stoves among the counter foods and the server or cook will prepare your Chow Fan Beef.  

Now service wise, as it will be still be prepared, this will take some time.  I didn't know it was like this so I didn't time them.  More or less, prep time was 5-8 minutes and everything is done in front of you whilst waiting.  One pan the beef is being cooked while the other they stir fry the rice.  We had a short queue so I guess I was able to wait.


Serving wise, its more than adequate.  The rice bowl is a bit bigger than what I expected and the fried rice was up to my appetite.  The beef though was a bit small in serving size but with an ample amount of bean sprouts, it evens out the experience.  With an egg on top of my Chow Fan Beef, I didn't complain anymore.  Everything in size looked great already for me.  I was filled and satisfied with my order.

Now taste wise, Beef is Beef so no qualms here.  The bean sprouts were cooked perfectly.  It was soft outside but I had bits of crunchiness in them which I like with my bean sprouts.  The fried egg was typical so I can't elaborate more.  How can you level up a fried egg without making it fancy?  (if you have a suggestion, email us  The fried rice was tastes like one.  Nothing fancy just right in my alley.

For Php89, the meal delivers more than what is expected of it.  Servicing size just right for me, tastewise does not disappoint, and with the price, your wallet won't mind at all.