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Dining | Mister Donut in Boxes are Great

I grew up with Dunkin Donuts and and until now I'm still a fan.  Although I don't eat often due to my age and health, nevertheless its a treat if I take some from time to time.  For this occasion, my daughter and I bought the boxes of these sweet goodies.

During our visit, I never knew there were a lot of Bavarian type of donuts.  All I knew then were just one of this and now they have a lot.  Bavarian is my favorite so I guess its more for me.  Mister donut offers a lot of choices in their boxes.  We took out two boxes of Bavarian Donuts.  We brought home at total of 25 donuts this time around.  My kids are adults now so, these 25 is just a drop in the bucket when their appetites are mentioned.

Pricewise a box of Bavarian of 15 pieces for Php300 or Php20 is steal really.  When doughnut prices are soaring, Php20 for this is a breath of fresh air.  No explanation needed when we got 25 pieces.

Tastewise?  Sweet of course.  The Bavarian?  Tastes great as always.  Brings back joyous moments of yesteryears every time I take a bite into these doughnuts.

If you like sweet goodies that won't break the bank, then consider these Mister Donuts Doughnuts.  Located in most malls, simply ask  around. A box of Mister Donuts brings great times always.  A box of greats they truly are :)