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Dining | Affordable food - Makisushi Japanese Food

We can't hold it forever. We can't keep silent.  We had to tell you that we found a great Japanese place along Edsa.  Its opposite that of Centris and along Panay Avenue.  The door isn't huge and surely you'll miss the place as its dwarfed by its fastfood cousins.  Just be observant and you'll find this place near the tricycle terminal.

Going in, the ambiance will scream japanese a little bit.  Pictures of food is on the walls.  Furniture all wood, it offers a japanesey feel already.  Now comes the service.  Your server will come over with a huge menu board.  With lots of options, it will take a while for you to make a choice.

For this visit, we chose pork misono.  Its simple, and hopefully a quick order.  Finally on to our review.

After going in, you will be guided to a table right away.  A huge menu board will then be offered and its quite daunting really.  I was hungry so to order right away, I asked for a meal that comes with rice and fast to be served. Pork Misono was it.  And boy the order came quick.  Within 5-10 minutes I got my order served.

Serving wise, the pork misono bowl was huge.  Usually the dish just covers the abundant rice underneath.  For this order, the dish was almost half of my bowl.  Rice was a lot as well.  Not good for those on diet.  Lots of carbohydrates.  I was on diet, but for this lunch, I made it my cheat day.  My next paragraph will explain why.

Tastewise, its the misono we are familiar with.  Great!!!!!!  Pork were not that plenty but in nice portions.  What blew us away was how juicy and soft the pork cuts were.  It was tasty too!!!!  Lots of veggies so good job there, and it tasted crisp and tasty as well.  The whole dish was something I didn't expect from a small japanese shop underneath an MRT station.  The pork misono came with miso soup that's great as well. Complements well with the pork dish.

Price wise, you wouldn't believe it costed me Php119 only.  For a japanese meal at that price, its a steal.  I don't go with softdrinks thus I limited my cost to that.  

To find the place right away, if you take the MRT, you get off at the Quezon Avenue station, and go down southbound side.  Upon reaching ground, turn left towards KFC.  They are beside KFC on Panay Avenue.  Easy.

Hope to see you soon in this place.