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About Town | L'Oreal Philippines Push for Women Empowerment in Science

As the world faces problems in our world: the impending climate change, the search for sustainable energy, creating affordable healthcare, providing security among other issues.

Part of the solutions will come from Science, since Science is indeed a part of the future and it needs every talented mind available, be they men or women. The L’Oreal Corporate Foundationaims to ensure that research takes full advantage of the intelligence, creativity, and passion of women.

The world needs science and science needs women,
because women in science have the power to change the world.

Founded in 1998, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science partnership was created to recognize and promote women in science. Its programs reward established women scientists whose outstanding
achievements have contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge, and provide support to promising young women who are already making significant contributions in their scientific disciplines.


L’Oréal-UNESCO Laureates or International Awards The pioneer program is a prestigious annual distinction awarded to five leading women researchers, one from each region of the world. The Laureates are given to exceptional women who are role models for future generations. Awards are presented in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences in alternating years, and each Laureate receives a grant worth €100,000.





International Rising Talents The award serves to encourage promising women scientists who are working in sciences at the doctoral and post-doctoral level.

Fifteen International Rising Talents, three from each region, are chosen to continue their research prestigious institutions outside of their home country. The Fellows each receive €30,000 over 2 years.

National Fellowships The third pillar program developed by L’Oréal subsidiaries with the support of the National Commissions for UNESCO helps researchers pursue their scientific careers in their home country. Each country differs in the number of fellowships they award and the amount of grant given.

For Girls in Science This campaign has been created in several countries to inspire the next generation of girls about scientific careers.

Accompany. Value. Communicate. Support. Move boundaries. These are convictions and core values which drive the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation’s commitment to women everyday. It is divided into two main areas - science and beauty.

Through its For Women in Science program, the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation supports women researchers, rewards excellence in a field where women remain underrepresented, and motivates girls in high school to pursue scientific careers.

Through its beauty programs, the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation assists women affected by illness, who are economically disadvantaged or isolated, to recover their sense of self-esteem and femininity in order to feel better and to fare better. Its actions also include providing training programs for beauty industry professions.

Since its creation in 1945, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization supports international scientific cooperation as a catalyst for sustainable development and for peace between people. UNESCO assists countries in the development of their public policies and in building their capabilities in the fields of science, technology, innovation and scientific education. In addition, UNESCO leads several intergovernmental programs for the sustainable management of freshwater, ocean and terrestrial resources, for biodiversity protection and to promote science’s role in combating climate change and natural disasters. To meet these goals, UNESCO is committed to ending discrimination of all kinds and to promoting equality between women and men.