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About Town | Malagos Chocolates Win Again

Congratulations again to Malagos brand of Chocolates for pushing Philippine Chocolate in the international scene.  They gave new honors again the the International Chocolate Awards in Palazzo Ximenes-Panciatichi in Florence, Italy November 17, 2018.

They won the following 

Silver - Malagos 85% Dark Chocolate - High % Plain/ Origin Dark Chocolate Bars 85% and over.
Silver - Malagos Rhum - Dark Chocolate Ganaches or Truffeles Category
Bronze - Malagos Salted Caramel - Dark Chocolate Enrobed Caramels Category
Bronze - Malagos 72% Unflavored Dark Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Ganaches or Truffles Category

In total, Malagos won 14 international awards prior to these.  Truly a remarkable list of victories for this Philippine Chocolate.