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Travel | What Does One Eat in Cebu Pacific

I have been travelling around the Philippines for two years now (since coming back from abroad) and I had my experiences with Cebu Pacific for most flights.  For longer flights, meals are standard but if you are well within the country, meals is far from being included in your flight.

Sometimes I order food beforehand (comes with your initial booking) if I know that my flight is too early in the morning or in the evening.   When eating prior to flight is a hassle, or simply I don't like eating airport food.  Rice meals are pre-ordered.  What if you forgot to pre-order?  What other meals are available?  Check them out here.  Usually costs Php100 average, with drinks averaging Php80, its still a great way to treat yourself while you travel at 33,000 feet.

*menu might change from time to time so this is available at time of posting.