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Dining | A Different Kind of Steaks at Stoned Steaks

This writer is a voracious carnivore and eating steaks is one of its favorite indulges.  Yes we know steaks are expensive but it takes a little bit of research to know which ones are competitively priced (cheap or worth the price kind) steaks in the market.

Admittedly we are not a fan of this when I was here in the Philippines as I was still ignorant of what a steak is or was.  All I know was that it was pricey and expensive compared to my family's way of life.  Even during my early working years I thought of them of something the rich can only afford.  Fast forward to 2017 when I got an opportunity to work in Dubai then the concept of steaks was reintroduced to me.  Steaks aren't expensive, if they are competitively priced.

Always look for value.  A steak with no value is very expensive however, a quality steak meat, with basic seasoning, properly grilled (medium to medium rare for me) then that steak becomes, cheap.  A word that is not descriptive of its subjective and qualitative value, but the meat itself becomes value for money.

Such a steak exists in Stoned Steaks in Quezon City.

This writer was re introduced again in the Philippine setting that steaks should not be expensive but must be value for money.  Only then and only then the steak becomes cheap.  Steaks are meant to be savoured and its taste is happily eaten when done the right way.  And Stoned Steaks are doing it the right way.

As a backgrounder of their meats.  They have a lot of choices between wagyu and angus beefs.  Choose your poison they said and both tastes great in their hands.  Now there are also options like the regular cut sized meats and the aged meats (30 days of more).  This writer is accustomed to the regular kind of steak meat and the aged one is something extra ordinary and it is his first time to try one.

From their namesake, they cook their meats on top of lava stones that retain heat for almost 45 minutes.  So when they serve the meat, its continually cooking over the stones when delivered to your table.  We thought it was a novelty before but then again there was a purpose.  The heat of the lava stones cook up these meats in a steady manner thus not burning the outside of the meat.  The constant low heat inures inside cooking it slowly in the process.  Making the cooked steak juicy and not dry.

Now we tasted the two kinds of meat, the regular and the aged.  The regular meat tasted great and we are accustomed to this.  Now the aged meat is something extra ordinary.  The meat is aged in special cabinets that control humidity.  I think they are dried of some sorts for days.  This process creates a metabolic effect on the meat so when its time for cooking, they break down homogenizing the meat with the fats.  The taste texture is so uncommon that even the regular steak lovers would not be liking this one first time.  This writer begs to differ as we noticed the tenderness and the sweetness and uniqueness of the aged meat that we loved its taste.  

Both steaks were roasted on lava rocks and we felt that the novelty is necessary in the cooking process.  Both were great in their own ways and we liked both of them.  You've got to try both when you are here.  Email us at after you do get a taste of the steaks here.  Tell us what you think of them.

Now steaks are not the only ones worth mentioning.  There are a number of side dishes that is truly worthwhile to mention.

We started off with TRUFFLE PARMESAN FRIES.  If you are used to french fries, then this is similar.  Made out of mushrooms, fried and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and truffles, this appetizer is a great starter to your steaks.

OYSTER ROCKEFELLER was next and the oysters really did tasted great. A nice follow up to the Truffle Parmesan Fries.  We are hoping this will help keep up our appetite till we get to the steaks (which it did).

The steaks were served and cooked, or cooked then served.  I think the latter is more appropriate.  The steaks came in sizzling over slabs of lava rocks.  These rocks can retain heat for more than 40 minutes so the meats were raw when it came with it.  Our server had to slice them up in our presence so that these will cook within a few minutes from when it arrived to our table.

The Dry Aged Prime Ribeye has a very distinct taste.  Since it was aged, 30 days if I remember correctly, the blood and meat metabolizes (?) creating a homogeneous new kind of meat which gives it a new flavour.  First timers eating this kind of meat will either love it or feel queasy about it.  This writer loved the taste and I recommend that you do try it if you are steak lover.  You will taste the difference from the regular cut steak meats you have been having.

Now for our regular steak we were given the  Wagyu Sirloin Grade 11 also on top the fabled lava rock.  Sizzling when it arrived, the smoke gives off a wonderful aroma.  A familiar smell catches my appetite, and raises it another level.  I think they are serving 300grams of prime meat that is truly worth its weight in price.

To complement the steaks, pastas were served.  They are have also fried rice and we love the two that were served.   The steak fried rice, was steak in flavour of course but we love the Kimchi Fried Rice.  The latter wasn't spicy nor was it bland, it had the punch yet the flavour of kimchi still permeates into your taste buds.

After the above experience, Stone Steaks capped the lunch with a dessert, their Banoffee Molleux.  A cold delight that perfectly ended the culinary journey we had.

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