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Dining | Great Buddha in Binondo

We were off to a Binondo food crawl and this is one of our first stop.  Great Buddha is something that you might miss when you are in Binondo.  They are located inside the new Eng Bee Tin building along Ongpin Street.  Situated on the second floor, you will need to use the escalator to your left to reach the restaurant.

Our food bloggers group, composed of 3 women and me, started off with a great breakfast here.  It was the first one for the group, except for me.  I had my breakfast earlier at my hotel (Chinatown Lai Lai Hotel) but who could say no to a congee and siomai meal?  Since its a food crawl, we all have agreed NOT to eat heavy in every stop we make.  We would savour instead and not get full.  Easier said than done.

With Great Buddha, it was a difficult decision NOT to eat heavy.  The Congee was tasty, not too much salt, but was just right.  This was rice so it was heavy already.  Plus the fact on the fly we decided to do a siomai run.  So we ordered some.  Then we topped it off with a purple siopao.  Burp. We were heavily laden.  

The congee was in a large bowl so if you not a heavy eater, this will set you back until lunch.  Great tasting though. Better get this one when you are here.  There are meatballs in there you know.

The siomai is a good appetizer.  Dimsum for this writer is not enough.  Great tasting, very far in taste from the ones you get from your neighborhood convenience stores.  Cost a bit more but it makes it up for in taste and serving.

The siopao was surprisingly flavourful.  The bread was just fine, sweet tasting, a surprise there.  Soft and fluffy is a great way to start biting into a siopao.  The filling was surprisingly huge.  Usually the filling is a downer since it would mostly bread, but this wasn't in this case.  The Asado filling was great, went good along with the sweet bread.  The only regret we had about this? We ordered just one and shared it among 4 people.