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Year End Review 2018

2018 went by fast and it has been a slow year for us compared to 2017.  What made this year's trips more memorable is the duration for which we stayed in those areas.  We got to spend more time in those destinations and we got to know more people and places much better.  What we lacked in quantity was replaced with quantity.  Another great offset is the fact that with less local trips made, we had overseas trip.  Watch our for our articles on that trip to Bangkok, Thailand as we helped covered the Miss Universe pageant with our very own Miss Catriona Gray winning the Miss Universe 2018.

Memorable trips this year were the following;

We got to spend three weeks in Daet during their Bantayog Festival.

We went to the four provinces of Panay in the Visayas plus we got to Boracay before it was closed down for improvements.

We biked all the way from Laguna to Clark, that's a whopping 140 kilometer of flat roads and we went there in one day.

Spent a short relaxed vacation somehow in a posh expensive resort in Laiya Batangas.

Found a mountainside hideaway in Bataan with some friends.

Hiked our only mountain trip to Mt. Ulap in a group tour.

And lastly we found a great priced hostel in Cebu City.

With all these memories, we hope 2019 will cater in a new set of adventures as Katooga.PH team will have grown plus one more.  More people means more trips and more adventures.

We wish everyone to join us in ushering 2019 with a big bang and more joys and blessings to our readers.