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Dining | Tenya Tempura Tendon - Market Market

We are used to local beers, american, belgian, german, european beers.  Somehow japanese beers somehow escaped our taste buds.  But not for long.

Here in Market Market we were drawn by the japanese promo offered by Tenya.  One of our favorite japanese restaurants.  They were offereing 3 beers for the price of two.  Getting a free beer is always welcome so we had to try it out for ourselves.

For Php350 you get 3 beers!!!  Japanese that is.  They had 3 brands to choose from.  Sapporo, Asahi and Kirin beers!!!!  You can get a set of each of one or simply mix and match to your preference.  We ordered one of each so that we can taste them all in one sitting.

What goes well with this beer?  Tempura and other fried stuff. Yes indeed this was a great combination.  Thanks to Tenya, they had available sets for their diners.  We got the Ebi Tempura Maki (Php325) and the All Star Basket (Php335).

Actually Tenya has a drinking set (beer + food) but we felt it wasn't to our liking thus we just got the beer promo and ordered our own sets. 

Service wise, the staff was very attentive to our needs eventhough our table was obscured from the main dining room standpoint.  She was always checking on us, and she served our beer icy cold.  I asked that she serve us two beers first so that the third one, once we like to drink it, would come out of their chiller icy cold.  (This is good tip for those getting the beers buckets as well - open only the beers that you drink - unopened bottles remain in the chiler).  Our food took a bit longer to be served but time flies with a beer at hand.  Important thing to mention is that, the food came in during our first beers so that is fast right?

Serving size of the food was as usual great.  For the price point, we had a good serving of the maki and tempura.  Actually our order was more than for our three beers.  We shouldn't have ordered the maki.  The tempura was enough for our session.

Taste wise, Tenya does not disappoint.  Food was great as always and leaves a great feeling after eating.  Paired with beer?  Exquisite.  Great pair indeed.

Price point was just fair in comparison with the serving size and taste.  Total bill amounted to Php1010 but having 3 imported beers and japanese food, I would say it wasn't cheap.  It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be either so its a good idea to spend that money here and enjoy the icy cold beers and food.

We don't know for how long the beer promo is available but still we recommend that you try this place from time to time.

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