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Dining in Bangkok | Burger King - Silom Road

When staying in foreign country, especially on your first day, its basic that you want to eat in restaurants that you are familiar with. When I was stuck in Changi Airport in Singapore, I ate at McDonald's.  I had the same experience in Muscat, Oman, I had a Big Mac.  During my first days in the United Arab Emirates, I had some KFC.  My first time in Bangkok, I had some KFC as well.

In my recent trip to Bangkok, just finished checking in my hotel, I was hungry, in a country that doesn't speak English that well, I had to fill my tummy fast.  Good thing this one, was just a stone's throw away from Dusit Thani Hotel. I smiled when I saw Burger King on the other side.

Being a country with right hand drive vehicles, it was an adjustment looking first on your right prior to crossing the road.  This was my first for this trip.  I looked right, then midway looked left, I was there at the footsteps of Burger King.

I love Burger King when I was in the Emirates (Sorry Philippines) and this time we will be trying one here in Bangkok.

The facade was similar to the others I've been to so immediately I felt at home right away.  The big BK sign, was a welcome sight indeed.  Upon entering, the lobby has the same feel.  Spacious, retro look, smell of grilled burgers, wow I begin to really feel like eating.  There was no queue so I was already at the counter.  I said hi, then she said Sawakeekap.  Oh okay Thai greeting like Mabuhay in the Philippines.  The next conversation went south abruptly.

She could not speak english, only Thai.  But I got the feeling she understood me so I said burger, she nodded.  Only to find out next that in Thailand, BK had more kinds of burgers than the Philippines.  Good thing they had these big product posters and the conversation turned into sign language for this hungry food blogger.

Alongside the Thai letters, an english translation can be found underneath, so I had an idea what I was getting.  Price was likewise shown so knowing how much the burgers were not a problem.  Everything went on quietly, paid for my meal and the cashier gave me a queue number.

While waiting for my order to be served, I noticed that there were some tourists (I know they are judging from the color of their skin - they were caucasians) as well.  I guess they went in the same reason I had.  Unlike in Manila and the Emirates, diners here were quiet and reserved.  No loud talking and shouting.  I don't know if this was their norm, or maybe I just came in during their off peak.

Service was fast as before I can think of other things, my number was called and I got my first look at my burger.  What I saw was my Teriyaki Pulled Chicken burger wrapped in BK paper along with fries and coke.  Price was for THB144 (PHP235 or USD4.51).  

Now to the serving size.  Sadly it was the same one with the Philippines.  I missed the big BK burgers of the Emirates.  Fries were similar as well with my home country.  the picture looked huge and I fell for it. woe is me. The drink was fine as I don't drink cola as much nowadays.

On to the taste test.  My Teriyaki Pulled chicken was surprisingly great.  I was disappointed with the size of it but it had a taste that made me forget my disappointment.  (I don't know if Philippines had this kind of burger so I might as well drop by next week and try them out to compare).  Fries were the regular ones so not much surprise there.  Same with the drink.  Cola is cola for most parts of the world taste the same.

Ambiance wise, the retro look of the place added to the dining experience.  Well lit, nice ventilation, large windows, and great airconditioning.  Thailand is similar in weather with the Philippines (humid) so having a strong aircon is a welcome treat for me.

Price wise, they don't stray far away from that of the Emirates and the Philippines.  They are bit pricier than other fastfood joints, but its worth the price.  Their burgers are grilled (not fried I hope) as they advertise and grilling them offers a different kind of taste which I liked most.  Being a tourist, it can't be helped that every price you see you convert to your native currency.  If you do this, Bangkok prices are a bit pricier for sure but the tastes a lot better.  I am not downplaying the Philippine BK taste but its the truth.  I think the ones back home tweaked their burgers to local taste buds, but mine appreciate not that so it differs in my opinion.

Travel Tip - to add more to my dining experience, I was surprised that they have these promotional coupons that they give away to diners.  They were offering their food at discounted prices if these were used.  What a great deal.  I was only trying to eat just once here and sample local food thereafter.  With the coupons, I went back here twice.  As evidence that these coupons offers great savings, locals asked for my coupons!!!

Eating in Bangkok isn't cheap, especially those restaurants in the malls.  Tourists favor cheaper food to maximize their vacation in Thailand.  That aside from the street food they offer, well known fast food joints are available here as well.