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Dining | House of Helen - San Pedro Laguna

High up in the mountains between San Pedro, Laguna and Muntinlupa, you can find a gem of a food place called House of Helen.  Its a road side eatery that is surprisingly huge given the area.  Found this when this writer was training for a bike tour.  If it wasn't for this, I would have never found this place.

After overcoming steep hills on your way to Daang Reyna, you will find the House of Helen.  Even though they are by the road side, they have lot of parking for cars.  I assumed they have lots of diners in the evening because of this fact.

Dining area is also huge with lots of tables, so seating will not be a problem for you.  Servers are likewise on standby so after sitting, one will provide you a very detailed picture book of their menu.  As you flip over them, you will notice old meal reliables like fried chicken, tocino, longganisa and many more.  You might be confused a bit since they gave names to these meals like Tagaytay Meals, GMA Meals, Maragondon Meals etc.

I got the GMA Meal, and its the Beef Steak with rice combination meal (Php185).  It came with a sunny side up egg (you can request for a scrambled one) and some vegetables as a side dish.  Mine was fresh cucumber on top of a leaf of lettuce with ketchup and mayo.  Lastly, it comes with a glass of iced tea.

Service was a bit slow, maybe because I dined mid afternoon and business was slow.  Even so, my patience wasn't tested so I was relieved it arrived before it ran out.  Servers were apologetic and full of smiles so I smiled back. :)

For a Php185 meal,  the serving size was great.  My cup of rice was huge, my Filipino beef steak had lots of onion rings in them. My egg was, well, its your typical sized egg.  This meal is by far more in serving compared to the ones I've tried in the malls.

The Filipino beef steak didn't lack in taste either.  In fact it was great!  I was lucky to have found a gem in the mountains, pun intended.  Egg was normal, the veggies were typical.  Its just the beef steak that got me giddy on my seat.  Ice tea was great as I came from a bike ride on a hot day, the cold drink truly was a shot of cool breeze for me.

Price wise, I think the Php185 price tag was great.  I can't expect anything more as I was content with their serving size and taste.  Surely I will be dropping by soon in my future bike tours in the area.

Also they offer other meals like sisig, pansit sa bilao and bulalo.  Maybe next time I'll try those.

For those bikers who come early, they offer meals for Php89 as breakfast.