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Faith | Paeapak - Healing in Kalibo Aklan

The Sto. Nino was brought by the Agustinian Friars in Aklan and somehow the Aklanons then started their devotion.  As they celebrate this through the Ati-Atihan, they also hold a Paeapak.  It's an age old tradition of a healing ritual for the devotees.  A small figure of Sto. Nino is used to bless and heal.  

It starts with the devotee kissing the figure (held by another), then its pressed against various parts of the body, somewhat blessing and in the hopes of healing whatever that ails them.  Parts that get blessed in the process are the head, heart back and arms.  It can also akin to the "hilot" or "massage" but this one is of a religious nature.

Tourists to the Ati-Atihan in Kalibo, Aklan makes a point in joining in the ritual of Paeapak.  To experience the both Ati-Atihan and the Paepak, one must come to Kalibon mid January.