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Dining in Bangkok | Laem Charoen Seafood - Silom

This restaurant has garnered lots of culinary and restaurant awards so it was no question when we decided to dine here.

The name is a bit of a tongue twister for us but all we had to do was to point our shoes in this direction, wait to be seated and order away.

We were intrigued by the black pepper corn crabs they have so we ordered the same.  It's steamed with some taste of peppers.  Too much peppers we may add but this was necessary we believed to achieve the effect with our taste buds.

Taste wise I can say its exquisite.  The sweetness of the juices coming off the crabs was at the top of my charts.  I like crabs that are sweet, but these I have tasted over and over in some parts of the Philippines.  Now that we are in Bangkok Thailand, I was expecting some twist into this and it happened.

Never knew that adding pepper corns could offer a new taste to the crabs I hold dear.  The taste I love however the serving size is the deal breaker for me.  We ordered one crab and it was our fault though, we thought it would be good for two already.  Our wrongful assumption was added by the fact that we had trouble communicating with their staff.  Only one had a minute grasp of the english language.

My friend was okay with our sharing, but I wasn't.  I ended up wanting a proper dinner later in the evening.  Good thing there were a lot of convenience stores around our hotel.

Going back to Laem Charoen Seafood.  The restaurant is something of an uppity kind of place so expect prices to be a bit higher that our usual fan fare.  We found a dish, one crab for THB590 or Php1000.  So go figure.  

If you are after a good eat, then we highly recommend the place.  Fresh seafood with great taste we can't go wrong with Laem Charoen.  For more about them try to visit them here