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Travel | Free WIFI at the Philippine Airlines Flight

When travelling international, I am always using economy.  In those travels I am used to the basic amenities.  I never did get a chance to use WIFI over 30,000 feet.  Now flying from Bangkok to Manila, I used WIFI for the first time on a plane, and it was for free.

Being a travel blogger who's hooked to the internet almost 24 x 7, I can't explain how much pain it felt that you be offline for 3 hours during a flight.  For this time, I had a 30MB of free WIFI.

30MB won't be enough though.  But for a quick fix?  Just check the private messages, upload an "at the moment" selfie you're done.  You can relax after knowing you were "connected" to the internet.

For more internet time, pay USD5 for 35MB more and for more connectivity,  pay USD20 for an additional 150MB package.

This WIFI service has been good for our international flight, we can't confirm though if the same is available for domestic routes.