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Dining in Kalibo | Cafe Goes High Technology in Cafe De Calivo

We visited again Kalibo Aklan after a year and we found one of our favorite cafe has transferred to a new location.  Not only they moved, they expanded their menu as well much to our delight.  A spanking new cafe, fresh looking, staffed with lots of servers, we can't wait to go in.

Since they have new hot meals offered to us diners, a rainy evening in Kalibo, we decided to get hot soup as comfort food.  We got their Pork Sinigang.

When you go in the Cafe, its your typical cafe.  Located at the ground floor, a greeter is the door, you will be guided to your table.  so what's new here?

A tv screen on the wall looms over your table.  They have a digital ordering system!!!! Wow.  A touch screen, you can swipe and click on your food choices.  If you love looking at your smartphone or tablets, then this is for you.  Food items are displayed here, complete with pictures some descriptions and best of all, the prices.

Before you empty your wallets with your clicking frenzy, there's also a list of those you have chosen and the total bill.  Don't worry, if you go over, you can cancel some of those on the list.  Once you are sure of your choice click submit or confirm, then this list is sent to the kitchen for preparation.  Easy right?

Now for those technologically challenged individuals, servers are on hand to help out.  A novelty for some, but for most diners, the digital ordering system is of a big help.  Ordering is fast somehow, but once in the kitchen, everything flies fast.

With a short time of clicking our order, our food was served after a few minutes.

First up was the Pork Sinigang presented in a bowl framed in wood.  The serving size is good for two people so better bring someone.  Taste was typical of a sinigang, sour, to our liking.  Meat was tender and the vegetables crisp, great sinigang.  To add information about this wonderful dish, the meat is your lechon coming from the municipality of Numancia.  A place renowned for their lechon.  This is why their sinigang is so good.

Another dish we ordered as per curiosity was their Chicken Adobo.  Adobo has been synonymous with vinegar, and theirs did not use this one.  Instead they used lambanog, a coconut derived alcoholic drink.  Let go of your expectation of what adobo tastes like, you will be surprised that you will love theirs as well.  Chicken servings are again good for two.  We had to doggy bag this and ate it the morning after. 

Another surprise for us were their fried rice.  They had Ati-atihan and Tuna Fried rice. They used huge cups so you are assured of being full after eating.  The former they said was spicy yet it wasn't that much spicy, just enough to bring a zing to the rice which I liked.  The tuna variety surprisingly did not have the after taste that of tuna.  Great twist to fried rice, both were great complimentaries to the Pork Sinigang and the Chicken Adobo we had.

What great way to compliment the meal is about their fruit drinks.  They created another masterpiece with these.

If you are in Kalibo, Aklan, do dropby here in Cafe Calivo.  We had a great dinner here with my wifey and we would like you have the same experience when in Kalibo.  Just call a tricycle and tell them Cafe Calivo, they know the place already.

For more about Cafe Calivo contact there here at 

And we didn't forget to take out their yummy puto. :)