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Travel | Hotel Ibis - Impact Center

Every time I travel to Bangkok I look forward to its culture and the attractions that will scream "Thailand".  For the remaining days here we were billeted at the Ibis Hotel Impact Center.  I have seen other Ibis establishments in the United Arab Emirates and I can't wait to compare the them.

Ibis is an international hotel chain owned by AccorHotels, a leading hotel holding company.  Ibis first was introduced in 1974 and was situated near city centers, airports, beaches or any transport terminals.  Branding for Ibis has been always toward budget conscious individuals thus was attractive to businessmen who go on business trips.

This hotel branch in Impact Center is of no exception.  Located near a huge exhibition hall, its connected to it via an elevated walkway.  We had a lot of businessmen joining us for breakfast daily who went to the Impact Center to attend a convention or exhibition.  We were here on business as well, covering for the Miss Universe 2018, its coronation day and other pre pageant activities were held in the Impact Center.

Upon entering their spacious lobby, yes spacious, you will be greeted with smiles.  From the door to the counter, all smiles.  Great start there.  Upon mentioning our names, our reservation was found right away, signed some forms, off we went to our rooms.

Being a budget friendly hotel, don't expect large rooms.  What they have are supple twin beds, clean and sweet smelling.  The same goes for their pillows.  Yes pillows, they offered two pillows per bed.  No need calling the concierge for an addition.  Bed linens were functional and clean looking.  Towels were formed like elephants (duh Thailand) and these were cute, so cute that I took time for bath.  I was looking at it and would not bother unfolding the piece of art in our room.  

Next up was our view.  Impact Center does not offer great sunsets, but since we were on the 19th floor, it offers great views as well.  Sun sets are also great at this view.

WIFI was fast.  Very good for travel bloggers like me.   We are digital nomads and we live off on our social media life.  Great with our coverage of the Miss Universe, uploading of photos and videos are blazing fast here.  Keeping our followers happy with their favorite candidates uploaded surely was welcome treat for them.

Other amenities in our room was great as well.  Bathroom was stocked with more clean and white towels, toiletries were well stocked, complete with hair dryers and best of all, hot and cold showers.  We also had a room safe to secure our valuables, the room is great as it is, more than what we had hoped for a budget friendly hotel.

Last two things we liked were 1) the entertainment system or TV was well stocked with watchable channels.  Lots of English language ones, thank God.  The other was 2) varied food choices on the third floor.

For breakfast buffet, a lot of choices are in store for you.  Looking at the huge dining area, I was not expecting that a lot of people are billeted in this hotel.  The whole 3rd floor was their dining area and this is filled in the mornings.  Businessmen in suits line up at the buffet before going to Impact Center.  Although buffet choices are almost the same everyday, only two dishes were interchanged so that's your variety for longer stays.

From here, going to the airport is easy.  Grab cars cost THB600-700 or PHP1000-1200 (USD23) or take a cab for THB500 or PHP850.  You have to pay for the tolls though.  If you want convenience, take Grab.  Taxi drivers don't speak much English so sometimes what you say is lost in translation.  They also ask for added fare from the meter like what happened to this writer.  I simply asked to be dropped off when she requested for the added fare, she recanted and took me to the airport using the meter.

Overall, staying in Hotel Ibis is similar with my experience in the UAE.  Staff were well versed in the English language, clean and sweet smelling rooms and best of all, smiles were all around.  We had a great three days here making our coverage of the Miss Universe 2018 effortless almost.  We hope to come back here again soon.

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Additonal points - 1) they serve great draft beers in the lobby and 2) they have a vending machine near the lift or elevator for your convenience in the evening.