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Travel | Going Around Cheaply in Bangkok

Prior to coming to Bangkok, it was a bit intimidating for this writer.  Seeing that Bangkok is a huge city, with people very loyal to their language, I already assume that going around will be a huge task for me.

For a few days it truly was.  I was stuck to walking around my hotel, constantly taking a Grab car, Grab bike or a taxi.  A very expensive way of going around it was until I tried their mass transit system, the BTS and the MRT.

My view of Bangkok suddenly exploded upon swiping that card on the turnstiles.

Taking their mass transit systems was a great way for the tourist to go around Bangkok.  There were four routes made available for us.  Starting off from the airport, this line connects you to the heart of the city.

Along its route, two more routes intersect bringing you to more parts of Bangkok.  The fourth one complements one of these lines adding more to the already great tourist experience. 

Use all these and you see see much of the city.  For the rest, you can take the taxi or Grab.  Its cheaper this way, trains + taxi or Grab.  (As a tip, Grab Car or Grab Bike sometimes have the same amount of fare in some parts of Bangkok.  Check both in your Grab app before booking.)

Other things we liked are the clean platforms and trains, the easy and convenient way of purchasing tickets (automated), access stairs were adequate to accommodate a lot of commuters, stations have their own mini malls, and the trains were properly maintained (airconditioning was super cold).

Thanks to these efficient mass transit system, I was able to travel in the most parts of Bangkok on my limited amount of my visit.

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