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Dining | Hakata Forever????

You might be bored us seeing us again and again in Hakata Ikkousha Manila.  This is our nth time to visit their store in Festival Mall, Alabang.  You don't find us bored with the place obviously so bear with us, or better yet, dropby their restaurant and see why we so loved the place.

First off to remind you, we love their ramen broth.  Pork bones cooked for more than 48 hours, collagen seeping out of those bones into the broth making it milky white.  Most ingredients come directly from the Hakata Ikkousha store in Hakata, Japan, including the noodles I was told, makes their ramen as authentic as it can be.

Ramen likewise can be prepared according to your preferences, like soft normal or hard.  Then the saltiness can be tweaked, You can ask to have your green onions on a side dish, not on top, if you request it.

To go along with ramen, don't forget to get their gyoza.  There are a lot of types of gyoza.  We learned this fact as it is prepared differently depending which part of Japan you are in.  Theirs is based from Hakata Japan which are cute in size but very flavourful.  They have have a sauce for it, but I like it as they are already.  No need to dip in.  Most say the sauce heightens the experience, email us at if it does for you.

For us, we only prefer a few japanese restaurants out there and one of them is Hakata Ikkousha.  Another plus is that its just one ride away from our house.  Easy and convenient for us to have a great tasting ramen.