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Dining in Bangkok | The Famous Kamou Tokzung Stewed Pork

We can't get enough of their stewed pork.  Its almost similar with our patatim thus we liked it.  Soft gooey pork with some skin on them with pig innards and topped off with egg.

You can find this as a regular street food item in the corners of Bangkok in the evenings.  A great food item after a night of drinking spree, I simply loved the taste of this stewed pork.  As we found this kiosk at one of the street stalls during a famous soft drink event.  Touted to be the original, we really had to try them out.

When we saw the Famous Kamou Tokzung Stewed Pork, we wondered how come they were famous.  We ordered one with all bells and whistles.  Pork limb, with intestines and egg of course.  For THB80 or PHP132, you get a plate of rice with the dish placed as toppings.  Then pour in some sauce over them, truly it was heaven just watching them plate your order up.  All this done in a fast manner, your order will be on your hands in no time.

Since it was in a music/food festival in Silom area, they have a dining area for us revelers.  We sat down and ate with gusto.

Tastewise, this thing tastes better than the ones I ate at our street corner here in Bangkok.  Flavors explode in your mouth, and it didn't taste funny.  It was sweet as it should be and the meat was tender as ever, it melts in your mouth kind of thing.  Rice was steamed right, not dry nor it was soggy.

This writer quickly finished his order.  It went well with my favorite softdrink brand, we might say we did enjoy our early dinner.  The sad thing though, I can't read Thai, I can't find them on facebook.  I don't know if they do have fixed restaurants available.  The servers and I can't understand each other.  Woe is me.

Anyway, I thank them for the experience and we will continually eat stewed pork at every possible moment.