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Dining in Bangkok | Fresh and Great Tasting Food at Ibis Hotel Impact

A few hours off main center of Bangkok lies the Impact Arena compound.  A huge facility that houses a number of exhibition halls for both business and entertainment.  To provide convenience to its visitors, two hotels can be found and Ibis Hotel is one of them.

We were covering the Miss Universe 2018 pageant here so we were billeted here, which is just minutes walk away from the Impact Arena.  A clean and spacious hotel, not surprising since they are a member of AccorHotels, one of the leading international hotel chains.  Among the services they are proud of are their restaurants.

For the Impact Ibis Hotel, they have a HHHHUUUGGGGEEEE dining area on the third floor.  We had our late lunch and we were the only ones in it.  Ordering is a breeze, with the server attending only to us.  Great service.

Ordering was fast however the serving time was not.  It seemed that kitchen staff were relaxing or taking a rest during our visit.  I can't blame them since we checked in 4pm already.  It was way past lunch time, and maybe either they were resting or preparing for dinner already.

When food finally came, I noticed right away their food presentation.  Truly a mark of great hotel food.  We had tomyoung soup, fried rice and pad thai.

Serving wise, its just normal in size.  Nothing fancy, nothing great in serving.  Just fine I guess.

Bangkok is known for their great culinary skills and this time it was not an exception.  Food served was taking us to gastronomical heights.  The tomyoung had the spiciness that was flavourful as it was fulfilling.  The pad thai and the fried rice had every inch of Thai culture in them.  I thought it would be similar to what I was used to with Filipino cuisine, I was wrong.  Just what a tourist would want, a taste of something different that's still good in taste.

I can't say price wise its affordable since this is a hotel.  If I convert it to my home country currency, it will not be considered as budget friendly.  It's a hotel, yes I said it again.  But for a hotel with these prices, these are affordable compared to others, and just as tasty.

We stayed here for 4 days, had an access to the breakfast buffet for 3, all I can say is that those 3 mornings were delectable.  Just a tip, for breakfast, queue early.  Huge dining they may have, remember that they are always fully booked, so picture the area with lots of guests.

For inquiries and bookings, try to contact them directly HERE.