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Dining in Bangkok | I Ate At A Michelin Starred Restaurant - Naiuan

In the hustle and bustle of our trip to Bangkok, on the eve of the Miss Universe pageant, our team had our dinner at Platinum Mall.  A mall that's known for its bazaars and affordable items especially for the fashion savvy.

On its upper floors lies a number of restaurants in its food court.  It was difficult to choose one among the myriad of choices.  I settled on one with a big Michelin sign on its counter.  I found Naiuan.  I think its not the real name for this restaurant, but its the only word I can read based on their signages.

Anyhow, its not the name I was after but the noodles.  As this was our last night here, I went for safety and got the Pork Barbecue.

After paying for my order, service was fast.  I merely waited for my order and watched how they prepared it.  The broth was placed in a bowl, then the noodles, then they topped it off with all the other ingredients.

Serving wise, I had a big bowl.  Broth was aplenty and the noodles were just right.  Although looking at the bowl, noodles might not be that much, but underneath the broth lies a good amount of noodles.  They didn't scrimped on the pork slices either, I got 7 pieces of them.  These were not thinly sliced, thank God for this.

Taste wise, broth was a bit salty, but according to my taste that is.  There were hints of other flavors I can't discern which were nice too.  Some vegetables that went in were a bit raw, giving the dish some freshness to it.  I liked the crispness of the mung bean sprouts every time I take a bite of it with the pork slices.  Great combination there.

Price wise, my noodles costed me THB 90 or PHP150.  Great price for great noodles.  Just priced right for my preferred budget.

Sadly I tried to research more about this restaurant, I had trouble finding their official website or their facebook page.  It seeemed that the name is in their Thai language.  If you can help me out with this, email us at

For now, if you would like to take a taste of this delicious noodles, you can find them in Platinum Mall inside their food court.