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Education | Brainlight Learning Center Summer Programs

BrainLight Learning Center offering an after school enrichment program focusing on SINGAPORE MATH is now open for various other Summer Program activities starting this April.

This Summer Program 2019 involves meaningful learning experiences for the kids that could be fun, exciting and will cover different skills involving both academic and creative areas.

The following are our specific programs for the months of:

·         April and May for local schools
·         June and July for international schools
No. of hrs.
Math Olympiad Training 1
7 to 8
*Program designed to introduce and familiarize students to Mathematical Olympiad type questions with paced training
Math Olympiad Training 2
9 to 11
*Program designed to prepare students on how to strategize and tackle Mathematical Olympiad type problems with systematic training
Fine-Motor Skills Development
3 to 7
* Program that will help a child FOCUS better by involving in fine activities that synchronize hand and fingers with the eyes
* helps child learn important tasks independently and learn LIFE SKILLS
* Includes various activities such as tracing, cut and paste, knotting, tweezing, beading, sewing, weaving and some important life skills

Art n Craft
6 to 11
*Program that includes various activities that would be fun for the kids and to display their creativity such as t-shirt tie dying, canvas bag painting, and crafts such as making wind chimes, personal pencil holder, picture frames etc.
Smart Reading Comprehension
7 to 12
* Reading program providing a range of age –appropriate fiction and non-fiction power builder stories that help students master essential decoding and comprehension skills such as:
·         Identifying main idea
·         Drawing conclusions
·         Making inferences
·         Comparing and contracting
·         Predicting outcomes
The program places emphasis on various thinking skills and helping students acquire background knowledge.

Our SINGAPORE MATH program will also be ongoing especially for kids who need to build their gaps and strengthen foundation and also for students who want to advance in their school next academic year.

So hurry, join and avail of our Early Bird rates of:
·         10% off until Feb 28, 2019
·         5% off until March 24, 2019

For more information of schedule and rates, please call us!

See you all!