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Dining | The Longganisa at Tudings

Last year we ate and reviewed the pork chop here -

This time we tried their longganisa.  Still the service is the same. Go up the counter, order, pay, then sit down and wait for your food.  Takes a bit of time to warm up the pan, then serve.  The wait isn't that long, your patience won't be tested.

Serving wise, a cup of rice is a cup more or less.  Although presentation wise, its not shaped like a cup. Then topped off with a sunny side up fried egg (may I can ask for a scrambled one next time), with two decently sized longganisa.

Tastewise, good thing the longganisa wasn't burnt.  So we can still taste the sweetness of it, maybe top it off with some catsup, then you're good to go.  The egg wasn't that salty so hurray for those on diet.  The fried rice was fried thankfully.  Other restaurants switch this with steamed rice and kudos to Tudings for still serving faithfully their fried rice, which taste nice by the way.

For a price of Php68, I think this meal here has far more value than their pork chops, stomach wise that is.  The latter I still have me wanting, but this longganisa meal fit my hunger very well. 

There are still two more meals we got to try from Tudings, and we hope we can do a food review on their Tocino and Tapa.