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Beauty | Meghan Sanglay is The New Mutia Ti La Union for 2019

We first met with Meghan in another pageant she joined and again last year when she watched the Mutia Ti La Union 2018.  Never did we had an inkling that she would join again this prestigious pageant hosted by The Provincial Government of La Union in cooperation with the Association of Tourism Industries of La Union.  She joined the pageant before and again this 2019 where she finally won the much coveted title.

She represented the Municipality of Sudipen La Union where she lorded over the other 19 candidates representing the all the towns of La Union.  Other winners of the pageant were;

Miss Beautiful Hair, Kristine Aquino of Bangar
Miss Beautiful Skin, Camille Dalmacio of Agoo
Miss CSI, Mari Jo Quilon of the City of San Fernando
Miss LUECO, Joy Valdriz of San Juan
Miss Sillag, Camille Dalmacio of Agoo
Miss Friendship, Dimples Martin of Bauang
Miss Photogenic, Rebecca Estrada of Pugo
People's Choice, Nerissa Shawyer
Miss Thunderbird Resort, Mari Jo Quilon of the City of San Fernando
Miss Toyota, Dimples Martin of Bauang
Miss Soiltech. Meghan Sanglay of Sudipen
Miss 1590, Dimples Martin of Bauang
Best Designer, Donny Baradi of Bauang

Best in Talent, Emelyn Patricio of Bacnotan
Best in Swumsuit, Rebecca Estrada of Pugo
Best in Gown, Rebecca Estrada of Pugo

Joining her court are as follows;

Second Runner Up - Mari Jo Quilon of City of San Fernando
First Runner Up - Rebecca Estrada of Pugo
Mutia Ti Kalikasan 2019 - Ethel Abellanosa of Tubao
Mutia Ti Turismo 2019 - Kristine Aquino of Bangar