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About Town | Taking A Sip With Barista Training

Drinking what you make is relatively what you do your whole life.  For some fancy coffee drinks, you just go up your favorite cafe and order away.  This writer thought that making them takes rocket science or art like Michaelangelo.  It ain't easy I reckoned as I see the barista working with almost 4 hands just to make my favorite drink.

After attending this barista training, I quickly realized that making it was easy as long as you have the ingredients and the knowhow.  The only thing that will prevent you from doing your own drink is the cost of the espresso machine.  For personal drinks at home, it isn't advisable buying a Php150,000 machine.  Cost not withstanding, we proceeded to study how to create those drinks.

After being taught how to thump coffee grounds, clip them in the espresso machine, we were asked to do it by ourselves.  Everything was so automatic that this is what we all did.  Placed a cup below the group head spout, then that's it. You get an espresso.

For other drinks, you can add, ice, more frothed milk, some flavors, then that's it.  There are other concoctions that can be made but all of them comes from espresso.  That being is the basic and start of all the coffee drinks that we love in our favorite cafe.

With this easy to do, no wonder there are lot of people who likes to open up a cafe.