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Dining | Sinangag Express - Pacita

Have you had SEX before?  Sinangan EXpress I mean... The fastfood restaurant that's known for budget friendly priced meals, its a welcome sight when one get's hungry.

For our visit, we went to their branch in Pacita Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna.  Its along the main road so you can't possibly miss it.  I was on my usual bike ride when a friend of mine wanted to meet me here, early that morning.

I dunno if they are open 24 hours but they were open already as early as 7am.  Since it was a Sunday, the place was still empty.  Immediately I was attended to by its counter.  I ordered the usual pork chop combo meal.  A great breakfast before doing my Sunday bike ride.

Since I was the only customer that time, my order was done already.  Not much waiting time, my number was called right away.  Good thing my pork was thawed already, just a few seasonings, fried it, then served it.

Ambiance wise, the counter was neat and the people manning it were approachable.  They were all smiles even on an early Sunday morning.  Who smiles at work Sunday morning?  The dining area can seat a great number of people so its not crowded at all.  Even if full packed, you won't feel claustrophobic with people and full tables.

Serving wise, I was happy for the price I paid, I still had a big sized pork chop.  Although surprisingly thinner that what I expected, still its size compensated for this.  My cup of rice was large to my delight.  I need the carbs that morning and I was much pleased with it.  Top off my smiling face, they had achara or pickled papayas on my plate.  In some restaurants, they don't served achara anymore so more reason to like Sinangag Express. Ka ching.

Pricewise, honestly I forgot how much I paid for this simple combo meal.  Knowing myself, I won't be spending more than a hundred peso for this yet, value wise, I won't mind paying it.  The overall feel of the SEX restaurant is great and it always have a place in my wallet, err heart.  Good for my budget, my wallet is happy, this makes my heart happy as well.