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Travel | Going Back To Bangkok With My Ms. Universe

Last December, I went to Bangkok to cover the Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant.  I stayed there for a week and I might say it was a great way to experience Bangkok.  During this time, I was with a team and I went around the city alone, mostly.

Although doing it solo, Bangkok was a nice place to roam.  Safe and secure, it was surprising that this place could offer such, unlike in my own country.  Sad to say but its true.  People were nice and smiling and much were law abiding.  Was it in their nature and culture or simply their city was swamped with lots of CCTV and that justice is swift in this asian paradise?  Whatever their reason is, as tourist we liked this situation very much. 

It was for this reason that when I had a chance to get back, I made sure to bring my own Ms. Universe, my wife, with me.  Actually, she was on her way back to work in the United Arab Emirates and I just tagged along.  My knowledge of the city proved to be plus as we went around Bangkok using their mass transport system, BTS and the MRT, which was very useful and super efficient.

We visited touristy spots like temples and malls and it was a great experience for us.  Thanks to our friends who were situated there, we were able to cut down our costs by half.  Bangkok is not a cheap city to be in, if you earn Pesos.  So getting the lower our costs was a great help to us.

I was glad I was able to share this experience with my Ms. Universe, till the next time we will be back here.  We have yet to experience a lot of Thailand, and I hope we can travel more of what it has to offer.

How to experience Bangkok on a budget?
Use a budget airline like Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.
Take the BTS and MRT heavily as it costly to take a taxi.
If unavoidable, use the Grab app to compare costs of taxi, bike and car.