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Travel | Whats To Eat in Cebu Pacific

Flying on a budget airline is something of an inconvenience.  It just offers bare bones packages to keep its ticket fares low so expect no check in luggages and no airline food (is it a blessing?).  Our flight was three hours and I can't survive without eating anything during that time.  I should have pre-ordered food along with my ticket purchase but it was something that I overlooked.  Thus my dilemma.

It's not a problem really as, once seated in the plane, you can find a menu of food items available on hand.  You can find snack items from chips to cookies and a slew of beverages being offered by the flight attendants.  Sadly no rice meals for you here (they have to be pre ordered).

Best sellers off the menu are the beverages, cold drinks like coke and sprite (Php70) are tops, for hot ones, coffee.  

For our food, noodles are the best for this writer.  I ordered the Nissin Cup Noodles (Php100) to stave off my hunger.  The flight attendants were quick to prepare one for you.  What makes the whole experience a bit irritating (if you are seated near the wing), is the fact that the food cart reaches you the longest time.  I was seated in such and I can't order behind me as they were serving a different area.  My food cart was in front of me and I had to waiiiiiiiiiit for it to attend to my order.

Nevertheless the food reached me just fine and they served the hot noodles in a boxed container to prevent accidental spills, heaven forbid.  For Php100, this is the best meal yet on a Cebu Pacific Flight that's affordable.  Good thing I brought a mineral water bottle with me and I made a refill at the airport.  This tip saved me Php40.

So when you are stuck in a budget airline and forgot to pre-order a rice or heavy meal, there are choices on the plane that will tide you over till you arrive.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew of Cebu Pacific flight 5J930 for being courteous and attentive during our flight from Bangkok, Thailand.