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Travel | A White Sand Paradise in Macolabo Island

Yes we have been a to a lot of beaches since we started and we have seen our share of bad ones and a few good ones.  For this one trip we recently made, this a very good one.

The island is called Macolabo, just off the coast of Paracale, a town in Camarines Norte.  A town formerly known for gold mining, the municipality tries to attune itself with nature, identifying itself with the eco-tourism in mind.

They are continuously mapping out potential tourist attractions and they decided upon the great white sands of Macolabo. They in the process of developing the place and still keep it pristine and virgin as they say it.

The jump off point to Macolabo Island is in Pulang Daga, a beach front.  From the town proper of Paracale, one must take a tricycle (their primary means of transport within) to the beach. What made this travel experience is the way we were transported to the beach.  Their tricycles were fabricated rigid enough that it can hold more than the normal amount of passengers.  Two inside, two behind that of the driver, two at the back of the side car, and two on the roof.  Of course we chose the roof and traversed the narrow streets of Paracale on top of the Tricycle giving a nice view.

Arriving, passing through the beach, there's a fee for passage (I forgot how much it was).  You may call it as some sort of a terminal fee on your way to your ferry.

A 35 minute boat ride from the beach will take you to the Island where the fine white sand beach welcomes you.  There are no resorts, just small huts that comprise the small community that lives on the island.  We were met by their Barangay Captain and we were offered a sumptuous and delicious lunch.  There were spoon and forks available, but this writer chose to eat with my hands to complete the experience.

After lunch, and some short exchange of stories, we went for a swim in its beaches.  True the sands on this island is white and so fine that the winds carry them.  It was a very windy day and as if I was in a sand storm.  To avoid this, we had to swim and dive in its cool waters just off the beach.  The waves weren't that big so they offer a constant soothing effect when we sat along its shores.

We mentioned earlier that the place was still in pristine and virgin condition, therefore the waters are clear and very clean. They promised to keep this as it is.

The beach is not only the attraction this island has, it also has rock formations that are instagram worthy.  We were pressed for time thus we were not able to see it for ourselves.  There's a hike of 30 minutes one way to reach the place and we had to get back to the mainland to catch our next destination in our itinerary.  We hope can do so in our future trips to Paracale.

This experience was made possible by the good people of Paracale Tourism Office.  To experience the same hassle free adventure we just had, we strongly suggest that you coordinate with their office as there are still no organized tours nor resorts that can offer you Macolabo Island.

Contact the Paracale Tourism Office at these numbers 
+63 938-408-7859 and +63 929-274-5779

Also ask about their ATV adventure in Paracale.

How to Reach Paracale, Camarines Norte

By Plane
Take a plane to Naga, Camarines Sur, then take a van directly to Paracale, Camarines Norte.  Plane ride is 35-45 minutes, van ride may take 3 hours.

By Bus
Take one from Cubao Terminals (Via DLTB or Superlines for regular bus schedules) going to Daet, Camarines Norte.

You may alight along the highway at the Paracale junction then take any transport going to the town proper.  Or Alight from your destination, Daet, then take a bus or jeep or UV Express back to Paracale.

Tip - take the first class bus (with reclining seats) of Superlines or DLTB.  it leaves Cubao 9pm and will reach Daet around 5am.

Another tip - but a ticket beforehand as people would want to take the first class bus.

cover photo was taken by Albert Santiago