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Dining | Andok's Litson Manok - San Pedro

After eating in Andok's in Panay Island, we wondered how Andok's would taste again.  However we were in San Pedro Laguna already and gone are the dining areas that comes with every of their branch there. We contend in taking out our order of their chicken.

For Php259 pesos per roasted chicken, it is always a feast when we buy one.  We don't buy lechon manok often so you know my kids are happy that we did this time.

I'm happy to say that the lechon manok from Kalibo and the one bought near my home tasted the same.  The only difference?  The service in Kalibo was much faster.  They already have ready Lechon Manok on standby.  Maybe its the staff there anticipated the influx of customers thus they were ready for us.

I do miss the Andok's branches on Panay Island, where there are dining tables for its customers.  When they serve your order fresh and hot, rice along with it, you can enjoy your meal right away good.  I wonder why here in Manila and other near areas, we can't have that dining areas that they have back there.

This would certainly level up customer satisfaction if we can eat our chicken on the spot.