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Travel | Chatuchak Weekend Night Market

Travel to Bangkok isn't complete without any shopping.  That aside from seeing the elephants and various tourist destinations, Thailand is also known for its fashion sense.

Bazaars are abound in this place and it start with MBK Center.   But if you want to buy more, go to Chatuchak Weekend Market.  From fashion, to food, to home decors, to bric a bracs, this place is it.  Be prepared to walk your way through their long line of shops and see what they have to offer.

Unlike the bazaars you have known, these are held in open spaces and are not, get this, crowded.  There are a lot of spaces to walk around in, but since there are a lot of people coming here, it's not a surprise that it gets crowded in some parts of the market.

Better bring money when you come here, there are a lot of things to buy.  Even if you run out of money, no problem.  Cash machines or ATMs abound inside the market.  Get hungry?  There are a lot of restaurants within.  They have a large dining area in the middle of the food court where hawkers shout out, wooing customers.  And oh, they have beer as well.  Nice touch.

Food is a culinary delight in Thailand and this place is no exception to the greatness of their food.  Pad Thai is best here and still there are other dishes I can't even name or mention nor even read off from their Thai menu (good thing ours had english in them).

If restaurant food isn't your thing, then street food are there as well.  Clean street food that it, on carts with lots of variety to choose from.  I like them pork stews and having them from carts is far better than having them in restaurants.  There's some charm in their street food that is far much different from the ones we have here in Manila.

This was my second time in Chatuchak and there was not a thing I need to buy, but my friends bought clothes with elephants in them.  These animals are called siam and this symbolize the country of Thailand.  They bought some souvenir items like shirts and ref magnets.  I got them from the first time I was here so I was just happy to see them being so touristy. LOL.

Although a tourist spot, item prices aren't that expensive.  In fact, they are cheaper than those sidewalk vendors within the city of Bangkok.  So if even a chance to go here, hold off your purchase of those souvenir items or fashion thingamajigs and buy them here.

How to get there?

Take any BTS and MRT trains, and go to Mo Chit station.  Chatuchak park is on your left.  You won't be lost as most people alighting from Mo Chit will most likely go to this place.  Remember its left of the station.  Don't turn right as this leads to van terminal to take you to other parts of Bangkok.  Just follow the hordes of people, especially tourists going left, they will go to this area for sure.