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Dining | Great Coming Back to Dulzenia

Pork, Chicken, Fish, they have it all her ein Dulzenia.  Located in the heart of Daet, Camarines Norte, its always a treat when we come back and eat dinner here.  We can't count the number times we have been here and still we are being surprised with their glorious food here.

Bringing a group of bloggers to Daet, we were around 16 I think plus our hosts, good thing they had a big place for us at the second floor.  This is where they served us everything almost in the menu except for their cold desserts.

Food still tastes great here and each dish they served had their own flavors that stand out from each other.  We had salmon, noodles, and sisig as far as I can remember.  The team had a great time here in Dulzenia and we look forward when we will coming back again to this place for dinner.