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Dining | Another Great Find in Daet - Bonita

We found another great find in Daet and its called Bonita, or Bonita's.  Its confusing I know, just look at the signs.  Good thing this is the only thing that is confusing about this place.  The food is clearly great here plain and simple.

The dining area isn't that big here so you'll get a cozy feeling when you eat here.  Our group of 17 people just swooped down here, and it was a lazy weekend lunch, and we were that hungry, we need to eat right away, we had to contend with food readily available beside them.  Good thing they also own it so all we did was to choose our meals there and have it brought here.

As the owner would like to brag about their specialty, he proceeded to prepare for us a lechon sinigang dish.  Lechon or spit roasted pig are usually made into lechon paksiw, but they made into sinigang instead.  In reality this was my second time to taste such and I might say, their's isn't bad.  The taste of the lechon permeates in the soup of the sinigang and the richness of its flavor is locked in it's meat.  You can taste its sweetness against the sourness of the sinigang, making a rich contrast in your mouth.

Best served with rice, this dish is their best seller the owner says.  A great lunch we had was topped off with their offering of rice coffee.  This drink is indigenous to this region we see, as we had this last time we visited.  It's an organic hot drink that's much different from your regular coffee.  It had a wonderful after taste that doesn't leave a strange taste in your mouth.

Daet has something new to be proud of in Bonita.  I hope to come back here sometime in the near future.