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Travel | A Great Museum That's Affordable in Bangkok

Going around museums and tourist attractions can be financially daunting when in Bangkok and luckily we found one that's not.  It's called Suan Pakkad Palace Museum.  Located at the heart of Bangkok, this can be reached quite easily with a taxi to this place.  If you want to go by BTS, you can take one and get down at Phaya Thai Station.  Its just a 10 minute walk to this museum.

Suan Pakkad means a cabbage garden, literally this was the purpose of this land before it became a palace, a residence for Prince Chumbhot Paribatra of Nagor Svarga.  He is the grandson of King Chulalongkorn or Rama V and his consort, M. R. Pantip Partibatra or Princess Chumbhot Paribatra.

The Palace Museum is a group of traditional Thai houses, houses 1 to 4 were constructed from the 19th century.  These were taken apart and transported to this site in 1952 to be their reception hall and a place to display the Prince and Princess' beautiful and extensive collection of artifacts.  In time, houses 5 to 8 were added to house other artifacts.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos nor pictures of the inside, so we can't show you the wonderful artifacts.  We'd like to however there were lots of CCTV cameras around. LOL.  Just to summarize for you what we saw, they showcased prehistoric artifacts from jewelry to tools by the early Thai people.  Most were found in the area of Banchiang, a world renowned archaeological site.  The royal couple's barges and crystal ceramic collections were housed in another pavillion.  Various cultural icons are there that you will conclude how rich Thai culture really is.  Having seen it on the internet is an understatement.  You should see them all here.

Entrance to the place is THB100 and they have a free local fan as a gift.  Touring around the place will take you an hour, plus some minutes where you got to take selfies around the courtyard.  The whole place is nicely kept and you will surely enjoy the surroundings.