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Dining | Going Back with Jollibee Spaghetti

Its been ages since we had spaghetti from Jollibee and when we had a chance to watch an ad in Youtube, we were craving for one again.

That craving was satisfied when I was waiting for my flight for Ormoc City.  Just across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 4 where Air Asia operates, there's one Jollibee branch.  It was open for 24 hours and here I stand wait for my plane.

I ordered spaghetti and it costed Php55 only.  This came with an Iced Tea as a drink.  A complete meal or snack as you may call it.  Did this equal to my expectation?  Did it equal the amount I paid?

Serving wise, it was surprisingly adequate.  I didn't expect it would even cover the plate it was served in.  The sauce was well enough to cover them noodles.  The grated cheese was just enough as well, the drink was not adequate though.  It was just one glass of it and we felt it wasn't enough.

Taste wise,  it wasn't as I expected it would be.  The noodles were soggy and stale unfortunately.  It was around midnight that time I went in, maybe their kitchen wasn't that focused that night.  I was hoping the sauce would spice up the sloppy noodles yet it didn't.  The sauce was too sweet or maybe I preferred the italian kind.  Jollibee spaghetti sauce was known to be sweet.  Another unique ingredient that their sauce was known for was the presence of hotdogs.  The meat morsel here was too small or cut up too little I wasn't able to find them in my sauce.  Thank god for the cheese, or else I had nothing else to lead me to finish this meal.

Price wise, for Php55 this is an affordable snack.  Something that can tide you over to your next meal perhaps.  With the taste like this, I wouldn't order another for the next few months or a year even.  Maybe I'll order one with Chicken the next time around, but spaghetti alone? Maybe not.