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Dining | A New Menu at McDonald's The Katsu

It was a long wait for my flight and we had to stay a few hours in McDonalds.  Was rummaging through their menu, I was about to order one from their secret menu when I chanced upon this.  A new menu, a Japanese one, the Katsu.

It was a rice bowl of sorts and I was happy that McDonald's was finally offering one.  What a great way to start it off was with a katsu.  It's a chicken katsu over rice and I can't wait to taste this new meal before me.

When I saw the katsu, I was surprised how big it was.  I was so excited when I brought it over to my table to partake on this glorious dinner.  That excitement was short lived however as I realized that underneath that nice looking chicken katsu was scrambled eggs.  I had only once piece of that katsu and the rest was eggs.  Good thing I had lots of rice underneath which provided me a full stomach thereafter.

Tastewise, the chicken was chicken, the egg was an egg.  What I was expecting to bring together all these was the sauce.  I don't know but I presumed it was Teriyaki sauce.  It was sweet with a tangy aftertaste.  Great combination with the the katsu, but it wasn't so for the egg.  Take our word for it, its better taken with a soda.

Price wise, it costs Php79 as of this writing.  Not expensive for a decent meal.  Typical of a fastfood dinner.  Was it worth it?  It was, if you ask my stomach.  If you ask my palate, it was just fine.  I will surely order this meal if I get hungry, my focus is just to keep my tummy happy.