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Dining in Ormoc | Breakfast at Don Felipe Cafe

Arriving in the proud city of Ormoc, nothing beats eating at Don Felipe Cafe.  Its the cafe located at the lobby of the Don Felipe Hotel.  This hotel being the premier one in the city as we reckoned.  It's the only one that's facing the beach or water.

We ordered breakfast here coming off our trip from Tacloban City so we were famished.  The hotel was fully booked they said so it some time for our order to be served.  We were also a group of almost a dozen, a crazy tall order for the kitchen to serve.

We ordered some Tapsilog, Cornsilog and Bangsilog, as these were the popular choices for breakfast and these were the fast one's to prepare.  As said earlier, there were a lot of guests that morning, our breakfast took some time before it was served.

Now lets dive in and give our review in the experience.

Serving wise, the plates are huge, they make your food optically lacking.  In reality, the cup of rice was big.  The egg was well, an egg.  We also get two slices of tomato on the side along with our food.  The corned beef was ample enough along with the tapa and the Bangus.  The tomato slices were a nice touch.  Either they were tomatoes or zucchinis, they offer the same thing, to clear our palate of the oily taste of our food.

Tastewise, they are fine. Nothing great, not bad either, simply they were your typical Filipino breakfasts.  The only let down was their tapa.  It was cut in squares, although tasty, it was tough as rubber as I chewed on it.  I was unlucky enough to order the tapa.  I tasted the other meals, the corned beef wasn't so salty, it was just fine, the bangus was crispy which I liked.  I wish I ordered the other two instead of my tapa.

Service in the place was nice, servers were all smiles and the ambiance was great.  We were seated in an airconditioned place, quite chilly for a hot humid ormoc morning.  If you fancy to eat in the veranda, that can be arranged there as well.

The whole hotel reeks of nostalgia even if it was our first time there.  The hotel must have been with the city for sometime and this provided the charm to its guests.  So when you happen to passby here, try to get a booking at this hotel.