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Dining in Ormoc | Great Name Great Food at Dimsum Break

We love dimsum and we love siomai, or shu mai, or shoo mei.  Whatever they are called we love those little balls of joy with meat, seafood inside of them, steamed to our taste's perfection.  Now when we were in Ormoc City, we found one that's something new.  Dimsum Break.

Located in SM Center in Ormoc, this one looked like your usual dimsum fast food shop.  A counter where you place your order, then cashier at the end.  With lots of tables for its diners, clean surroundings, and smiling servers, its your typical fast food joint in a mall.

Even though Ormoc City was in a festive state, the place was somewhat empty.  It was mid afternoon and maybe people were either in their siesta or they were outside enjoying the city fiesta.  When I ordered, it was immediately prepared.  I got the steamed hakaw, my friend got the chicken feet and the quails egg shaomai.  I got hungry with all that dimsum I had to take a rice topping.  I ordered an additional beef balls rice.

Serving wise, its the same with all the dimsum shops.  Few enough pieces to keep you going, but plenty enough to keep you wanting.  We were 3 persons who ate though the 3 dimsum orders and it seemed not enough. I had to order a rice meal.  Beef balls were next in my agenda.  It looked nice on the photo, It was supposed to be a rice bowl but it wasn't.  It was placed in a styrofoam cup with rice and beef balls on top with lots of sauce.

Taste wise, the dimsum was exquisite.  My steamed hakao was juicy, succulent and tasty.  I tried the quail eggs and it was phenomenal.  I thought the eggs would dry up since it has been a while it was prepared with not much diners.  It was just right.  I tried the chicken feet and they were tasty.  Sweet and juicy, and although I don't order this often, I liked them today.  And don't forget about the beef balls rice I had.  Sauce alone is great, the meat was a bonus if you ask me.  The rice was a bit of a downer since it was dry and loose and I like the sticky kind.  Good thing there was a lot of sauce and it coated most of the rice, making them soft and sticky, making it to my liking.

Price wise?  My beef balls rice was Php80, the steamed hakao Php82, the quail egg shomai Php79 and the chicken feet were Php79 as of this writing.  These are reasonable prices for dimsum and if you order a lot of these, and I can't blame you (these dimsums are tasty), the bill would come to an expensive amount. 

If ever given the chance to come back to Ormoc City, I will surely find the time to take these again.