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Travel | Bless Us Inay Candi

After coming here years before, I was fortunate enough to come back with my wife.  It was one of the areas I like to show her as this church holds dear to my heart.  Inay Candi is miraculous they said and we were witness to this first time I saw her.  

Inay Candi or bearer of the light, is the Blessed Virgin of Candelaria.  She being the Patroness of Camarines Norte.  During our first visit her, it was a stormy weekend and the waters off its shores were not amenable to sailing that the Coast Guard prevented us from doing some island hopping.  When we were here in Paracale, we prayed fervently to allow us good weather.  It was typhoon Jolina then and the winds and rains won't let up.  After our visit, lo and behold, the very next day, the sun came out and the clouds cleared.  We were able to go an island and had a great day.  Then the very next day, the storm suddenly came back.  Truly miraculous.

For this trip, I was able to show the missus the centuries old church.  Since the Parish Priest wasn't present during this visit, we were not able to view the actual image of Inay Candi and we were not able to go up the belfry and see the old bells therein.

Even not seeing these, it was a memorable moment for us both as we prayed inside the church instead.

We would like to thank the provincial office of Camarines Norte and the local government office of Paracale for making this trip possible with my missus.  We hope to come back here again soon if given the chance.