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Dining in Ormoc | Getting high with Highlands BBQ House

Ormoc has its charms, the people, the lake, their mayor and most especially their food.  We love their food and how we truly adore them.  Their lechon is something they are proud of and they claim they are far better than the already famous Cebu Lechon.

So proud in fact that wherever we go, there is always an Ormoc Lechon placed on our table.  This is just perk given by our gracious host Mayor Richard Gomez and what we really are here in Highlands is their food.

Who uses free range chicken nowadays?  They do with their Tinolang Manok.  The meat might be a bit tough compared to the dressed chickens you are used to but the taste.  The taste is much richer and dense I can't remember the last time I've eaten one and all this writer can say is, you should try it.  I'll eat their free range chicken tinola every time.

Highlands also pride themselves of offering fresh greens and vegetables for which their ensaladang talong was superb and their salads exquisite.  I can't emphasize enough how crunchy the salads were, evidence that these were fresh.  The talong was enhanced by the fresh vegetables it had like the tomatoes and the onions.  The lowly and humble Adobong Kangkong was elevated to higher levels if you ask us.  We never knew that chomping down on these Kangkong would be a delightful experience here in the Highlands.

Food is superb,  service is great but what it surely great at is the ambiance.  Its called the Highlands is because they are in the highlands of Ormoc.  They are located on top of a slow rolling hill with a great view of Ormoc City in the far distance. With this area, it comes with a strong breeze of cool air coming from the waters below and some from the mountain side.  There is no aircon in the dining area we ate but the cool breezes are enough to warrant us a good dining experience.

To add more to the already great experience, the dining area is likewise surrounded by orchid blooms which the owners said came all the way from different places.  The colorful blooms were all around us and I can't help to take pictures of them.  Aside from the sight of these blooms, their fragrance emanates as well.  There are signs around these flowers, warnings actually that one should not touch or take the flowers.  

If you are tourist in town, I don't know how to reach Highlands BBQ House but you can reach them on their facebook page here - or call them at GLOBE: 09052973699 / 09062927235 - SMART: 09485111602 / 09381305508 Open Daily from 11am - 10pm.